It is a crime to fall in love


In Nepal, where the caste system is deeply entrenched and maintained through arranged marriages, elopement is the only way to marry for love. But when the partner is an untouchable, conservatives punish the lovers with violence, ethnic cleansing, and even death in order to maintain the system.

These five love stories, of high-caste girls running away with untouchable boys, are modern-day versions of Romeo and Juliet. Manoj and Parbati’s affair causes ethnic cleansing in their village. Khadga and Jaisara live in the jungle to hold on to their love. The romance of Shyam and Saraswoti unleashes the wrath of the police on the untouchables. Kishor faces jail because he loves Ranjana. And the case of Rajib and Sabina, is it a double suicide, or murder?