Biographies and Credits

Director: Dilman Dila makes social action documentaries, giving a voice to oppressed and forgotten minorities, with the mission of creating a world where everyone’s rights are respected. His short films have screened at numerous international festivals. His short story, Homecoming, received a nomination at the 2008 Million Writers Awards: Notable Online Stories of 2007. Find more about his work in his blog
Producer: Reiza S. Dejito is a humanitarian worker, social activist, writer, editor, traveler and blogger. Her love for stories led her to the man of her dreams, and her strong belief that stories can bring about positive change in the world encouraged her to venture into the world of filmmaking.She writes the blog

Photography: Krishna Ohm Thapa has filmed documentaries since 2000. His major works include the feature documentary, Sherpas - The True heroes of Mt. Everest, which won best film at the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival,  and Raute: The Last Nomadic Tribe Of Nepal. For more information on his work, visit 


Director and Editor
- Dilman Dila

- Dilman Dila
- Reiza S Dejito

Associate Producers
- Hari Thapa
- Jimi Oostrom

- Khrisna Om Thapa

Additional Camera
- Rajan Kafle
- Raju Koirala
- Dilman Dila

Editing Assistant
Awash Thapa

Executive Producers
- Rita Shrestha
- Juliana Yonzon
- Bhakta Bishworkarma
- Alan William Wallace

Special thanks to the following who shared their stories with us
Manoj and Parbati Khang, and the family of Jadgish Khang.
Khadga and Jaisara Sunar
Kishor and Ranjana, and the family of the Paswan family of Saptari
Shyam and Saraswoti, and the family of the Risidev family of Morang

And the following whose stories, unfortunately, do not appear here.
Santosh and Jamuna BK
Ganesh Lamsal andKamala BK
Buddhi Paswan and Bimala Shrestha
Jitendra Kumar Mandal and Laxmi Baijnath

(in order of appearance)
Manoj Khang
Parbati Raut (Khang)
Khadga Bahadur Bishworkarma
Jaisara Baduwal Bishworkarma
Saraswoti Pokrel Rishidev
Shyam Rishidev
Bhakta Bishworkarma (National Chairman, NNDSWO)
Dr. Khrisna Bahadur Battachan (Professor of Sociology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.)
Binod Khang
Kishor Kumar Paswan
Ranjana Kumari Singh
Dr. Chintamani Yogi (Founding Principal, Hindu Vidya Peeth School)
Yam Bahadur Kishan (Lawyer and History Lecturer)
Pankaj Kumar Chaudhary (Priest and Social Worker)
Tarachan Rishidev
Chanchale Rishidev
Rioti Dhakal (District Superintendent of Police, Morang) 
Jaisara’s mother
Residents of Taranga 5, Surkhet
Paro Khang
Pawan Rishidev
Tarak Paswan
Suresh Paswan
Kishor’s father
Sabina KC (R.I.P)
Rajib Rasaily (R.I.P)
Binod Rasaily
Rudra Bahadur KC
Krishna Prasad Bhattarai (School Headmaster)
Sarita Khanal
Sebo Risidev

-Dilman Dila
-Trishala Singh Sewa
-Deepa Khanal
-Nanda Lal Bastola

This film would not have been possible without the support of:

Meena Pariya (Kapilbastu)

Rajkumar Pariya (Saptari)
Bachu Sarbariya (Saptari)
Sanjur Singh (Surkhet)
Bola Paswan (Kathmandu and Saptari)
Bhim Bahadur Shahi (Surkhet)

Rudra Nepali (Surkhet)
Kemraj Adhikari (Surkhet)
Ganesh Lamsal (Morang)
Buddhi Paswan (Morang)
National Dalit Commission
Jagaran Media Centre
Purna Singh Baraily (Kathmandu)
Dilip Nepali (Kathmandu)
Rajesh Baraily (Kathmandu)

We appreciate the contributions of:
Alan William Wallace
Jimi Oostrom
Joana Morrison
Jessica Johnson
Elizabeth Shadbolt
Jonathan Shadbolt
Debbie Seaborn
Louise Belinfante
John Callaway
Tiffany Purn
George King

Taranga 5 Archive Footage courtesy of: Raju Koirala, Surkhet
Rana Tharu wedding videos courtesy of: Ashok Regmi
Sabin and Rajib suicide photos courtesy of: Meena Pariya


"Silent Joy" by Pancha Lama
Album: Yatra
Producer: Khrisna Mangal Maharjan
East Meets West Music Box

"Maya ke hola" by Udit Narayan Jha
Lyricist: Kusum Gajmer
Music: Ranjeet Gajmer
from the film "Behuli"
Music Nepal

"Morning Breeze" by Pancha Lama 
Album: Yatra
Producer: Khrisna Mangal Maharjan
East Meets West Music Box

"Full Moon" by Pancha Lama
Album: Yatra
Producer: Khrisna Mangal Maharjan
East Meets West Music Box

"Maiti ghar" by Kutumba The Folk Instruments Band
Album: Folk Roots

"Asarai Mahina" by Kutumba The Folk Instruments Band
Album: Folks Roots

"Trepidation Piano" by Kevin MacLeod

Songs available at:

Music Nepal


East Meets West Music Box
Thamel, Kathmandu

 Equipment and Crew
Contemporary Vision Nepal

Funding and Partners
European Commission
Volunteer Services Overseas
Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organisation